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Stem Cell- Anti Aging- Wellness Event & Seminar | Infinity Life Center | Honolulu, Hawaii | Dr. Michael A. Pasquale | Dr. Stephen Benchouk

January 26, 2016

Stem Cells & Anti-Aging Wellness Event/ Seminar



Join Dr. Michael A. Pasquale & Dr. Stephen Benchouk at Infinity Life Center for our Stem Cells & Anti-Aging Wellness Event & Seminar. Don’t miss this exclusive educational seminar with Hawaii and Asia’s top Plastic Surgeon and Naturopathic doctor.

When: February 10, 2016 @5:00PM
Where: Infinity Life Center @ Nauru Tower
1330 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, Hawaii 96814




Learn the latest about Stem Cell Therapy that you may have read about or seen on the internet. What are the facts and the medical science on the stem cell treatments from Dr. Michael Pasquale, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and founder of the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center. This will be a true educational event open to the public to hear about the latest research, techniques and what is being done with stem cells across the globe. Dr. Pasquale has just returned from Korea as Chairman for the First Annual Stem Cell Symposium with latest information from Asia, Europe and Mainland USA. The Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center was started in 2013 and is the only medically based Stem Cell Treatment Center in our state. It has been involved in research regarding diseases such as COPD, Arthritis , Athletic Injures and more. Come learn about the risk , pros and cons and various options available now and in the future , from one of the leading clinical experts in this new science.

Additionally, we will introduce you to some of the cosmetic surgery, wellness and spa services available at the Infinity Life Center. New technologies such as the Hydorfacial and advanced skin care services. Dr Stephen Benchok will present some discussion regarding naturopathic IV therapies for skin lightening, nutritional and detoxification’s it applies to anti aging natural wellness.

Discounts, door prizes, demonstrations as well as excellent pupus will be available. Meet the experts at the Infinity Life Center and the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center by RSVP on our web site. to register or call us at 808-945-5433


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