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Sari J. Y Park | Infinity Life Center | Honolulu, Hawaii

August 26, 2015

10354221_10152608143980914_1412135759014346938_nSarah J. Y Park
Office Manager/ Patient Care Coordinator/ Korean Translations/ Marketing&Events
Hi! I have a few names I go by depending on how long or close people are to me
but here you can address me Sari. Welcome to my blog!
I am a Korean-American currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was raised in New Jersey & New York in my early childhood years and have been living in Hawaii most of my life. I have a background in pre-nursing school, majored in music, vocals/dance.
My love for music, beauty and humanity has aspired me to start up this blog to
empower women and connect with wonderful people all over the world.
Another reason is to share my second home with you, Infinity Life Center~ We
are a luxury medical spa that provides cosmetic-plastic surgery, Stem cell
therapy, IV therapy, Dermatology and many more. Stay tuned so you can get
access to my daily life, (food pics :P), beauty regimens, and all the great services
and specials provided at Infinity!



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